The 2022 Minneapolis Tree Sale is Sold Out!!

Thank you for your participation and/or desire to participate in the Minneapolis Tree Sale! We have sold out of trees, but we encourage you to check out if you are eligible for our other tree programs in Minneapolis (see below).

Check Out Our Other City Trees Programs:

Here are the Details: 

If the tree(s) that you want are sold out, you may fill out this form to be added to a waitlist for the tree(s) you select for the 2022 Tree Sale and we will give you a call if that tree becomes back in stock.

Read the TREE SALE FAQ before proceeding to learn how the sale works and related policies. For additional information, check out the City Trees website.

To order through the sale, a Shopify ACCOUNT will be required. If you purchased a tree last year, your information is stored in the system.

Trees are $30 each. 


Ordering is allowed through a PHASED system:

Phase I - MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2022 at 8:00 am:

Green Zones property owners can order up to two trees per property (Green Zone residents can order throughout Phase I and Phase II). See the interactive map below, you may type in your address to see if your property is within the Green Zones by the presence of a green dot on your property.

Phase II - Wednesday, MARCH 16, 2022 at 8:00 am:

  • Licensed rental property owners citywide can order two trees per licensed rental property, maximum of five properties. Fill out a separate order for each tree.
  • Property owners who have never participated in the Minneapolis Tree Sale can order two trees per address.

Phase III- Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 8:00 am:

All Minneapolis property owners can begin ordering their trees and can order two trees per address.

Things to Note:
  • Trees  range in size from 4-7' tall and weigh approximately 20-40 lbs. Please be sure to bring a suitable vehicle-we can fit these trees into most passenger vehicles with a little coaxing!
  • Please follow the rules above. Your order will be refunded and a small processing fee will be retained if you proceed with an order when you are ineligible. Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Your order is not complete until payment is confirmed. An email will be sent upon order confirmation.
  • For more information, please contact Tree Trust's Community Forestry Team at 612-750-6840 or

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Resources To Consider When Selecting Your Tree:

Minneapolis Green Zone Maps

A Green Zone is a place-based policy initiative aimed at improving health and supporting economic development using environmentally conscious efforts in communities that face the cumulative effects of environmental pollution, as well as social, political and economic vulnerability.

Click here to go to the interactive map, type in your address, and if there is a green dot, you qualify for ordering in Phase I.