What does the Phased System mean?

Since 2006, Minneapolis has been providing trees to homeowners. Over this time, we've seen yearly trends in where these trees go. In order to target areas of the City most in need of trees, we have scheduled dates for each phase, targeting specific areas of the City as well as rental property owners. By using this Phased system, we avoid the need for the lottery!

I received a tree last year*, when can I order?

If you received a tree in the 2019 or 2020 tree sale, you may order your tree on March 23 starting at 8:00 am. *Property owners ordering for their property in a Green Zone or rental property owners are exempt from this restriction.

Why do Green Zone Area property owners get to order first?

Green Zone Areas in Minneapolis have been designated as low-canopy, especially on private property. It's one of the goals of the program to get trees where they are needed most. 

How many trees can I purchase?

Property owners in Green Zones can purchase up to three trees per property. Please note: You will be required to submit three separate orders. All other participating property owners may order one tree per property, rental property owners may purchase trees for up to ten (10) properties. (These also will need to be entered as separate orders).

How much do the trees cost?

Trees cost $25 each. You will also receive a bag of mulch with your tree at pick up. 

How do I pay for my tree? 

Click the Account tab (top-right of the page on a computer, or use the Menu bars on a mobile device). Create an account or login to your existing account. 

On a computer, use the Trees tab to learn about trees and (once the sale goes live) add items to your cart.

On a mobile device, you can navigate around the sale website from the homepage or use the triple-bar icon at the top-left corner of each page.

Use the cart icon (top right) to review your choices and check out. You will receive a confirmation email from Tree Trust after you complete your order. 

If you own multiple Minneapolis properties or are purchasing multiple trees for your Green Zone address, you will have to log out and log back in to purchase for another address or another tree for the same address.   

Can I get a refund?

Contact Us to request a refund during the online sale. Orders will be automatically refunded minus the transaction costs (~$2.25/order) if you order a tree outside of your eligible ordering phase. 

Refunds are not available after April 16 when the tree sale officially closes. 

Can you help me select the best tree for my property?

Absolutely! Please send us an email to city_trees@treetrust.org. Tree Trust's forestry team will be happy to help. 

What are the green rings around trees in the City about?

An invasive pest, called the emerald ash borer (EAB), is impacting our existing urban tree canopy across the state. For more information, check out the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Forestry Department's EAB page.

What do I need to do before I plant my tree?

It's the law to call Gopher State One Call at least three days before digging at 651-454-0002. They will mark buried utility lines for your safety.

Is it difficult to grow a tree?

No! All you need is a good plan for the mature size of your tree. Be sure to check the plant profile for each tree to ensure you have adequate space!

After proper planting (we'll provide you with handouts and video information on how to plant successfully), watering is the next most important part of keeping a tree happy! Be sure to water it at least once a week during the growing season when it hasn't rained a measurable amount. A 5-gallon bucket poured slowly near the trunk goes a long way! While you're at it, give your boulevard tree a drink too! 

Where can I plant my tree?
You must plant your tree on your own private property - not on the boulevard (area between sidewalk and street) or, if there isn't a sidewalk, within the City right of way.

How long can the tree wait to be planted?
These trees have lived most of their lives in containers, so a few more days won't be an issue. But, the sooner you plant the tree, the better. Remember to water your tree daily until you plant it. 

Do you have any tips about planting my tree?

Yes – check out this flyer and video. Also, a brochure detailing proper planting methods will be available when you pick up your tree. Please read through it before you plant your tree.

What if I don't pick up my tree?
There will be no refunds for trees that are not picked up or do not survive after being removed from the pick-up location. Any remaining trees will be distributed around the City.